At VANL we often find ourselves learning new ‘jobs’ because other staff are not available or have moved on. IT is currently being managed by Ann-Marie Loader and me, Carol Thornton.

Ann-Marie is still a mere chicken, but I’m well over the hill and still able to learn new stuff, I’m proud to say!

While we had both done a lot of training on one subject or another around IT, running the website did not feature greatly, and we have been very grateful to our ‘IT Guys’ who take on the more difficult tasks.

However, despite it being an uphill struggle to learn website maintenance from scratch with little formal training, our Home page has now had a minor revamp and is looking more business-like. We have learned all kinds of things about the website in the process, and are now armed with instructions for future updates. If you check out the site yourself, you will find that we now have a page on the T J Hughes project, to be known as Together, and with luck we’ll also be able to upload the new logo shortly.

Learning how to manage a huge building for use by many groups for varying lengths of time has also been a steep learning curve, but it’s coming together slowly.

We like working with volunteers, so if you would like to get involved with our work, we’ll break you in gently – hopefully with the result that you will have some idea of what to expect if you want to work in these areas.