Volunteer Brokerage Service

The Volunteer Centre can help your organisation recruit volunteers online and through a bespoke volunteer matching service. To get your volunteer opportunities seen by hundreds of people, we can help you advertise online through www.do-it.org.

Register with the Volunteer Centre

To register with the Volunteer Centre to recruit volunteers, please complete our registration form. This includes a health check to ensure your organisation is ‘volunteer ready’.

Registering with the Volunteer Centre for the first time incurs an initial set up fee which includes support to complete registration forms, upload organisational details and maximum 2 volunteer opportunities on to the national volunteering website www.do-it.org

Initial Set Up Fee:  £30

Online Brokerage

  • Option 1 – Self Service online account – We can help you set up a ‘self serve’ account on the www.do-it.org website to manage your own organisation online presence and receive and adminster your own online volunteer enquiries/applications. Download instructions to set up your self serve account here.
    Option 1 – Self Serve Account – No charge
  • Option 2 – Volunteer Centre Managed Online Account – If you are unable to or do not wish to manage your own online account the Volunteer Centre can do that for you. We will manage your online presence including organisation updates and opportunity details, adding and amending unlimited new volunteer opportunities, providing advice on how you can improve your advertised opportunities.
    Option 2 – Volunteer Centre Managed Account (annual fee)
    £30 – Subscribers
    £40 – Non Subscribers

Bespoke Volunteer Matching Service

The Volunteer Centre will promote your opportunities to people enquiring about volunteering, matching their interests, skills and circumstances to opportunities that best suit them and your organisation. We will also promote your opportunities to individuals/groups/sectors that match your opportunity criteria. Appropriate applicants will be refereed directly to you.

Once a placement has been confirmed your organisation will be invoiced accordingly (*charge only applies when applicant is placed).

Bespoke Volunteer Matching Service Fee: £5 per *placed volunteer