So you want to volunteer? 

VANL can help by advertising voluntary job opportunities, or we may be able to suggest organisations you could contact locally who need volunteers in the area of work which interests you. However we are no longer able to offer a full service, so we recommend searching online.

North Lincolnshire volunteer opportunities are uploaded to the national volunteering website. Just add your postcode, interests and any activities you would like to do as a volunteer to search your local area.

Top Tip – broaden your search to at least 30 – 50 miles. Some organisations are based in one area but offer opportunities across a wide area so there may be one near you – we don’t want you to miss out on opportunities that could be perfect for you!

If you have any problems searching for opportunities, contact us on 01724 845155.

Why volunteer?


  • Volunteering can seriously improve your health and feelings of wellbeing
  • Volunteering can help you to make new friends and meet people you may not normally come across
  • Volunteers can make a positive difference to the lives of others
  • Volunteering can help you to see that you have so much to offer – your skills, your smile, your time, your patience, your knowledge, your support
  • Volunteering give you experience of work that looks great on your CV, and real experiences to talk about in university applications or job interviews
  • Volunteering is for everyone. No discrimination here!

What’s in in for me?

  • Experience – work experience, experience of trying new things, experience to update your CV – volunteering does this.
  • Skills – Develop your skills to the next level. Get new skills. Use the skills you have – listening, talking to others, IT, team work, practical or business skills – volunteering does this.
  • Confidence building – You can do it! Volunteering is a great way to see that you can do so much more than you ever thought possible and be appreciated while you try – volunteering does this.
  • Socialising – are you new to the area? Maybe you haven’t been out for a while and would like to venture out again, meet new people – volunteering does this. 
  • Have fun during your free time – everyone deserves to enjoy themselves during their free time. Volunteering offers loads of way to have fun without loads of pressure – volunteering does this. 
  • Getting back out there – when you’ve been ill, lived away from the area, been out of work or made redundant it’s easy to lose motivation and direction – try volunteering – it can give you a whole new direction!