Funding support for VCSE sector

As part of our Community Development support, and Capacity Building for the Social Prescribing offer in North Lincolnshire, we offer advice and support related to Funding,  for voluntary and community groups, across North Lincolnshire.

Funding opportunities

We regularly update our members on current funding opportunities via our VANL Newsletter, Facebook Page, and here on the VANL website.

We can provide a specific funding search for voluntary and community groups, and help you develop a project or perhaps diversify your activities to meet the Funder’s themes and requirements.


We can advise on the wide range of fundraising platforms available for charities and community groups and support you to work towards having a have a mix of funding streams to minimise financial risk.

Funding Ready Training

We deliver Funding Ready Training on a regular basis (currently via Zoom).

The online training takes you through 3 steps to move towards being Funding Ready:
Step 1: Funding Aware- Getting to know Grant Funding & be prepared
Step 2: Funding Capable- Project planning, Proving the need, Finding the right Funders
Step 3: Funding Ready: The importance of evidencing need, Writing a good funding application
The training is supplemented with 3 key resources:
Funding Ready Health Check,
Funding Ready Toolkit
Funding Ready Benchmark
This training is open to VCSE groups and organisations based in North Lincolnshire.

Further information

For further information on how we can support you with Funding, project development, increasing and diversifying activity and sustainability, please contact: