Financial Services


To use VANL’s Financial Services you must be a member of VANL.


Payroll Service

Initial set-up charges £30 per group
Pension set-up charges £10 per group
Processing charges £5.00 per employee per payroll run


£6.20 per employee with auto enrolment requirement


£5.25 per employee with auto enrolment requirement (20+ employees)

Submission of year-end returns to HMRC and P60s to employees £5.00 per employee


So for a member group with three employees who are paid monthly with no pension deductions, the annual cost would be:

  • Initial set-up – £10.00
  • Pension set-up – £30.00
  • 12 Payroll Runs – £180.00
  • Year-end processing – £15.00
  • Total cost in year of setup – £235.00
  • Total cost in subsequent years – £195.00


Community Accountancy:

Community Accountancy work is available to members only.

  • Booking services – £27.50 per hour
  • Year end accounts preparation – £30.00 per hour
  • Independent examination of accounts – £30.00 per hour
  • Bespoke financial training – £30.00 per hour


Time spent, and therefore costs, increase when:

  • There are a number of restricted funds/grants
  • Income levels increase
  • The bank is not reconciled


Payroll Services for Individual Members who have a Carer or PA

I have used VANL for several years to process PA wages for my disabled daughter. I have found VANL to be friendly, efficient and professional. For our situation it was a perfect move from our previous provider and I have no hesitation in recommending VANL.”

If you qualify for Direct Payments and use the money to employ a carer or PA (personal assistant), VANL can help take some of the strain from you by handling the official payroll paperwork.

You will want to pay your employee accurately and on time, and you will want to be sure that you have met your tax and national insurance obligations. VANL already offers this service to voluntary groups and individuals and is now offering it to you. Most of our customers pay their employees monthly. We will file P45s/P60s electronically and communicate other changes (e.g. tax code changes) by email, saving time and paperwork as we are directly linked to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

VANL is also a delegate for NEST pensions. It is now a legal requirement for all employers, including those who employ someone as a personal carer, to provide a workplace pension for eligible staff. VANL manage a NEST pension scheme for payroll customers whose staff are eligible.

We offer a standard payroll service which includes:

  • All the paperwork you will need, including timesheets (electronic or paper)
  • Advice available by telephone during working hours
  • We will keep you up to date on changes in legislation such as minimum/living wage rates and statutory sick and maternity pay rates.

This scheme is available to individual members of VANL. To become an individual member, you will need to send in an individual membership application form, which costs £20 per year.

For more information, including a quotation on price, contact Rachel on 01724 845155

My sister is in receipt of Direct Payments and employs a PA. As we were unaware as to how to proceed in setting up any payroll services I contacted VANL for assistance in setting up the pay role services. My initial  contact was with Rachel Williams and Lynn North who gave practical advice on how to do this. I have used this service in excess of 3 years and have always found that the people I have come into contact with are professional and willing to help or offer guidance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending VANL to others as they offer friendly advice and are professional.”