Our Second Year – 1999

Our Second year was a year of consolidation – membership numbers remained high at over 220, and our services expanded to include Desktop Publishing, equipment loan and printing – all of which continue today. Volunteer placement was a high priority for us, and funding advice and constitutional and organisational advice was provided daily as continues to this day.

In addition 1999 saw an increase in Health & Safety requests and employment support requests, in keeping with the national drive towards increased Quality Assurance across the Business and Voluntary Sector. To the current day, our training provision as well as our individual advice provision focusses heavily on the support services needed for our sector, and our Health and Safety courses remain amongst our most in demand.

Our Project work continued to support the most vulnerable in our community:

  • Connexions – Barton: aimed to develop the capacity of the town to support and integrate vulnerable residents, producing information booklets and introducing window lock schemes amongst many others
  • Crosby 21: produced the first residents’ Action Plan for Crosby and a Community Skills Audit
  • Apna Sahara: continued to provide translation and training services

And elsewhere in the news…..

  • The Phantom Menace was released – the second Star Wars prequel
  • Saving Private Ryan won a Golden Globe
  • Bill Clinton was impeached and acquitted
  • Students protested in Iran
  • The most costly natural disaster to that date in Australia occurred – the Sydney Hailstorms
  • NATO forces went into Kosovo