How we help you Volunteer and Recruit Volunteers

Traditionally VANL has been an accredited Volunteer Centre with staff employed and trained to broker volunteering opportunity and manage placements. As we outlined earlier in the year, our funding has been withdrawn for this service, although we maintain our accreditation and we remain the local experts on Volunteering. We still receive many enquiries about volunteering and, despite cuts, there are increasing numbers of referrals from statutory agencies who recognise the value of volunteering.

This post will not rehearse the benefits of volunteering. Instead we will simply acknowledge that volunteering has huge benefits to individuals – developing skills, enhanced wellbeing, socialisation amongst them – along with huge benefits to the community – increasingly so, as more and more essential services are being devolved to community and voluntary sector organisations, such as befriending support, listening and counselling services, grief services such Cruse Bereavement Support, or luncheon clubs, or even hospices such as our own Lindsey Lodge Hospice who rely on volunteers to deliver essential services.

For VANL this withdrawal of funding has posed some challenges. Increased demand means we have had to adapt and through consultation over the year we have developed a new way of delivering Volunteer Support to the Sector in North Lincolnshire.

Firstly we are making use of technology. Most organisations and individuals are using the internet to function and so we are now advertising volunteer opportunities on our website. Please get in touch with us and let us know what volunteers you are looking for and we will advertise. There may be a small charge for non-members, but membership costs just £10 for the year and there are many other discounts and services available too. Have a look at the benefits of Membership here.

Secondly we have two facebook pages – our existing page Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire which promotes our activities and issues pertinent to the Sector but pertinently our newer page Volunteering in North Lincolnshire. Please like and share this. This is uniquely for sharing volunteering opportunities and news. Please populate it and share it.

Related to this The Samaritans and VANL have teamed up to create a new page Charity Events in North Lincolnshire. Again please give this a like and share, and let us know your events!

We will also promote using Twitter to reach different audiences!

Thirdly, if you are looking for an opportunity or looking to advertise, another avenue is to use the Volunteering website This is currently the national site for sharing vacancies, is searchable and at time of going to print over 130 vacancies for volunteers are listed for in our area.

Another way in which we can support is through our Employability programmes. We have several programmes focussed on developing Skills and CV building for individuals in tailored programmes. Volunteering can be a core part of this and our project workers will ensure positive experiences with support for both the volunteer and the organisation.

Lastly, whilst we cannot provide all services for free, we are delighted that many employers are offering staff the positive benefits of employer-supported volunteering. We can provide support for this and can quote for this service to support your staff. Please do get in touch for more information.

For more information about our services please contact us using the form below or call us on 01724 845155.