The voluntary and community Sector Alliance and the North Lincolnshire Place Board

The Voluntary and Community Sector has been awarded one place on the North Lincolnshire Place Board, which is led by Denise Hyde, Chief Executive of North Lincolnshire Council, and includes all the major players in the area – Council, police, fire service, health, etc.

The VCS will be represented by a member of the North Lincolnshire VCS Alliance, and the Alliance have appointed Carole Phillips, VANL’s Chief Executive to take up this position. All voluntary sector organisations can get involved in the Alliance by joining the wider connections group (below) and by giving your permission to contact you if something comes up which may be of interest to you.

The VCS Alliance is a new project which been formed recently to galvanise organisations in North Lincolnshire to work together for the good of the community, with the intention of working through collaborative planning and action so that every community in North Lincolnshire will be safe, healthy, well connected and thriving, supported by a vibrant and sustainable voluntary and community sector.

The Alliance’s mission is to:

* Work together and with partners to drive forward improvements for people and communities by influencing the design, planning, commissioning and delivery of services Identify needs, co-design, develop and implement joint projects and services to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of North Lincolnshire

* Contribute to the future sustainability, resilience and effectiveness of services by working in partnership with people and communities, voluntary, public and private sectors

* Support the development and sustainability of the VCS by developing best practice, enabling greater cooperation and joint service delivery sharing learning and offering mutual support

The wider partnership will be open to any voluntary, community and social enterprise organisation. Organisations can take part in the activities of the Alliance on a temporary, occasional or permanent basis.

The Core members will also target relevant VCSE organisations by interest; geographical or specialist according to the work plan of the Alliance to ensure all those with in an interest in an activity have an opportunity to communicate need and priorities, contribute to and benefit from the work of the Alliance.

There will be a Core Group, composed of staff or trustees of strongly-connected VCS organisations within North Lincolnshire. These members will be required to sign up to the Terms of Reference of the Alliance and have decision making power on behalf of their organisation and the commitment to actively deliver the work of the Alliance.

VANL will provide secretarial and communications support; however this does not preclude other individuals or organisations from undertaking pieces of work on behalf of, and with the support of, the Alliance.

A Charter has been developed collaboratively between the Voluntary and Community sector and the Council, which is as inclusive as possible and will be used to measure outcomes, impact and reflect the developing relationships across the sectors.

The wording of the North Lincolnshire VCS Charter has been finalised, and although it is not a legally-binding document it will be published, along with progress reports demonstrating the commitment and support of the partners.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the Partnership, and therefore have a say in information fed to the Places Board, or whose work crosses communities and who would like to join the Core Group, should contact Carole Phillips at VANL: / 01724 845155.

View VCS Charter here