Greater Lincolnshire MOVE and Step Forwards Employability Projects: Moving on, volunteering and employability.

MOVE is a three-year Big Lottery Fund/ ESF funded Building Better Opportunities project aiming to help those people furthest away from employment to identify, address and overcome barriers to finding paid work. It is completely free, and independent of Job Centre Plus: participation is not mandatory, and you cannot be sanctioned if you decide it’s not for you.

Paul’s Story

Paul came to us wanting to work, however he had some barriers, being partially sighted was one of them. He was very keen and worked well with us as we began getting him work ready. We arranged training for Paul which MOVE funded to help him develop and improve his employability.

His dream was to work as a Security Guard, so MOVE paid for his SIA license and the travel to get to the test centre.

We helped him with his CV and looking for work. At first, he found some casual hours working in a local pub. His confidence grew and his work skills developed. We found job vacancies and with support he applied, he started to get job interviews and quite quickly he was successful.

He started work as a Security Officer at a local supermarket and has not looked back. Initially we were able to support travel to work as Paul is unable to drive due to being partially sighted but then Access to Work took over and provide the cost for taxis for the shifts when the bus service does not run.

Paul still pops in to see us and we are delighted to see him. He likes to keep in touch and will still ask for advice which we are happy to provide.

Support available to MOVE clients

A network of 24 organisations are working together  to provide consistent, accessible and joined up support across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire, (not just in the cities and the bigger towns)  Financial help is available for travel, childcare and respite care costs, making it even easier to take part. It’s not just about sending you on a course and then leaving you to it: you will have ongoing support from an advisor who will be there every step of the way as you identify together what you would like to do, and how you will meet your goals. Your advisor can make referrals to the other partner organisations, as well as other support, so you can benefit from a wide range of learning, skills and work-related activities.


We specialise in promoting the benefits of volunteering as a way of moving on into employment, and work together with many organisations that would appreciate your time! 75% of employers say that volunteers stand out from the crowd.* Volunteering is a great way to:

  • Try something new
  • Increase self confidence
  • Obtain up to date references
  • Gain ‘work’ experience for your CV
  • Provide structure to your week
  • Receive ‘on-the-job’ training
  • Meet new people and network
  • Enjoy yourself!

You may get the opportunity to gain qualifications through your volunteering.

How to make a referral to MOVE?

We need to know a few things before confirming a client’s eligibility, for example:

  • Whether they work any hours at all (including zero hours contracts)
  • Whether they are receiving support from any other Big Lottery Fund/ ESF programmes
  • What sort of barriers they are facing to employment, or any specific issues they would like help with
  • Where they live
  • Their age

If you have a client whom you think could benefit from the MOVE project, and want to discuss further their suitability and whether they meet the eligibility criteria  please contact :

Julie Cook —Project Coordinator  email address:

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire

4-6 Robert Street


DN15 6NG

Tel: 01724 845155

If the client is eligible for MOVE we will then get in touch to tell them more about the programme and hopefully enrol them. If they are not eligible, we will try to signpost them to other support.

For more information about the project please also see – this lists our partner organisations.