Our Projects

In addition to supporting the voluntary sector and supporting individuals to volunteer, we have another very important role, and that is to develop new activity to support either the voluntary sector or disadvantaged individuals, in short if a need is identified, we will take action to create new projects, partnerships or even organisations.

VANL has through this work developed a very strong track record for reaching some of the most vulnerable and hard to engage people in society and also achieved a great deal of success in our work with young people reflected in some of our projects:

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SCHOOLS CHOICES – Supporting young people to make  the right choices in relationships and other behaviours which might affect their health and wellbeing into the future.

SMOKE FREE KIDS – schools based smoking cessation and prevention programme.

Are you interested in our services for your school, or want to find out more? VANL can provide this if the school or young people’s services arrange it with us. Email for more information.

STREET OUTREACH – engages with street based sex workers who are often society’s most vulnerable people for reasons other than their sex work to improve health and wellbeing and opportunities.

COMMUNITY LOCAL LED DEVELOPMENT is a strand of the European Structural Investment Framework, which aims to equalise the economic situation for some of our most disadvantaged communities. VANL is working on engaging people and organisations  to shape Local Development Strategies which must be community led by Local Action Groups. Do you have a project idea? Or you have something to say about what would make a difference in our urban communities; then read on by clicking the link!


SOCIAL PRESCRIBING is a tool which ‘links patients in primary care and their carers with non-medical sources of support within the community, which is tailor-made for Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). VANL continues to champion Social Prescribing as a key tool to promoting the recovery, health and well-being of the people of North Lincolnshire and the crucial role the VCS plays in delivering Social Prescribing Activities, thereby reducing the pressure on general practice and improving choices and opportunities for their patients.

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Have you heard? Winterton has £1 million to spend on improving the Town!

VANL is very pleased and proud that the Committee representing and acting for the people of Winterton has chosen VANL as its Local Trusted Organisation to help them to deliver the plan for Winterton. To find out more please click the link.