A long time ago, when VANL was young, we held AGM events which had a certain whimsical tendency. The different departments took it in turns, one per year, to explain what we do. The core team began with a little ditty – which, you’ll be pleased to learn, we didn’t sing; we read it out like verse. Nevertheless, the ditty still does a reasonable job of explaining what the VANL core team do; and nowadays that is almost everything that we do as VANL, apart from our fantastic Volunteer Centre, who do everything to do with volunteering – they’ll find you a placement – or several; they’ll find you a volunteer to do a particular piece of work in your voluntary group. They’ll find a piece of work your business team could do as a team building exercise or a placement for an employee to learn some new skills and widen their experience. They’ll help you find others in the same situation to swap ideas, and they’ll help you to give your volunteers the best possible experience so they stay with you for longer. But more on them later…

Read on for The VANL Song:

What is VANL? What does it mean?

What can they do for me? I’m new to this scene.

Well, we can:

Type up your letters, design posters and tickets,

Produce your newsletters and copy your dockets,

We can hire you a meeting room, loan games for your fairs,

Or laptops, projectors, cameras and spares.

We’ll help you set up, write procedures and rules,

And we’ll offer you training, to provide the right tools.

We’ll send you our News, emails, information,

Advise you on funding, then check your application.

We can carry out research, tailored to your community,

To enable your service to run with immunity

From complaints and crises.

Well, can they help me to explain what I do,

So I don’t have to say it every time anew?

Well, we:

Promote voluntary work in North Lincolnshire, and further,

Telling everyone of our groups and their great worth, and

We run networks, hold meetings and send out the news

So that people who join us don’t tread on friends’ shoes.

We organise events like voluntary fairs, debates, funding days,

So you can raise funds, recruit helpers or learn better ways.

We tell others what’s happening in North Lincs’ volcom sector

Sometimes we have a conference so you can hear someone lecture

On their speciality.

And what about me? My group’s been around, but work’s slowing

We’ve lost volunteers, and need help to keep going.


We can teach you about finance, regularise your amounts,

Run your payroll, your bookkeeping, inspect annual accounts.

Explain charity regulations, and what you have to do

We can train your treasurer and the rest of the committee, too.

And THAT’s only the core team. The projects can do even more!