Community and Voluntary Sector organisations rely heavily on fundraising and media coverage to promote and fund their work. Here at VANL we are keen to support your efforts to fundraise and promote this diverse and vibrant sector in North Lincolnshire and we will use this area to promote and support your events and news. Please do contact us by email with details of your upcoming promotions and plans.

 FREE Suicide Prevention Training

North Lincolnshire Council Public Health Team have secured funding from Humber, Coast and Vale Health Care Partnership to provide the following courses, LivingWorks SafeTalk and LivingWorks ASIST, specifically for North Lincolnshire area. In total there are eight SafeTalk sessions and two ASIST courses planned for North Lincolnshire. We are still looking for venues for the remaining SafeTalk sessions so please let me know if you would like to host.

LivingWorks SafeTalk (3.5 hours) Develop suicide alertness and safety connection skills. LivingWorks SafeTALK provides in-depth skills to recognise signs of suicide, engage someone, and ensure a connection to safety. By the end of the workshop those trained can recognise those with thoughts of suicide and take action by connecting them with life-saving intervention resources.

 LivingWorks ASIST (2 days) Learn the gold standard in suicide intervention training. LivingWorks ASIST teaches trainees to provide a skilled intervention and develop a collaborative safety plan to keep someone safe and alive. Trusted by professionals yet learnable by anyone, LivingWorks ASIST is the world’s leading suicide intervention model.

 If you would like to book onto the following training dates, then please email your name, telephone number and email address, plus your role and organisation, to

 LivingWorks SafeTalk:

24th November 2021, 1pm at British Steel, Scunthorpe

3rd December 2021, 9.30am at The Old School Hall, Winterton

 LivingWorks ASIST

15th and 16th November 2021 at The Ropewalk, Barton

1st and 2nd December 2021 at Normanby Gateway, Scunthorpe

 If you don’t think that either of these two courses are suitable for you, you may wish to complete the online Zero Suicide Alliance training:  Find the ZSA Zero Suicide Alliance training

Below is a link to the survey relating to violence against women and girls in Humberside by Victim Focus.

This study seeks to collect real experiences from Humberside girls and women aged 16 years old and over, to explore several key issues:

  • How prevalent is violence against and abuse of women and girls in the Humberside area?
  • Do women and girls in Humberside feel able to report their experiences to the police, or tell someone about what happened to them?
  • Are we collecting enough information on broad types of violence, abuse and oppression of women and girls in Humberside?

Please forward this survey onto your networks as appropriate. The outcomes of the survey will feed into local work around the prevalence of abuse and violence against women and girls.

Call to organisations working with children who have suffered domestic abuse

Would any organisations working in this field in North Lincolnshire be interested in a partnership bid for funding to the Government’s Children Affected By Domestic Abuse Fund

The fund has a total of £8m and minimum bids are £500,000, so this could be a major initiative to work on the problem in North Lincolnshire.

Expressions of interest, please, to Carole Phillips, Chief Executive, Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire on 01724 845155

 More information on the government contract: