Comic Relief Announces New Fund for Women and Girls in Autumn

Comic Relief has announced that it will deliver in the autumn a new £4 million grants programme which is designed to protect, inspire and empower women and girls in the UK.

Comic Relief recently hosted an innovative round-table discussion exploring how sport can play a role in helping women and girls in the UK tackle the challenges they face and the barriers to fulfilling their potential.

The event at Wembley Stadium brought together key organisations from the Sport for Change and women and girls sectors. The findings will inform a grant programme to be delivered in the autumn to protect, inspire and empower women and girls, which is a key strategic priority for Comic Relief.

Following the launch of the new Comic Relief grants strategy in May 2016, this approach reflects a central priority under the new strategy to ensure people are at the heart of the grant-making process. Specifically, the strategy aims to work in stronger partnerships with funded organisations to co-create initiatives, helping people find their own solutions to the challenges they face.

Commenting on the event, Comic Relief’s Head of UK Grants, Gilly Green said:

“The event created an exciting opportunity to bring together leaders from across the sector to discuss how we can best fund projects to protect, empower and inspire women and girls and to co-create solutions. This event marks a step-change in how Comic Relief will work with partners to develop funding in the future.

“Comic Relief has been committed to funding projects to support women and girls for over 20 years and more recently has pioneered funding programmes that support Sport for Change. Bringing together leaders from both of these fields is a unique opportunity, and learnings and ideas taken from this session will help drive real impact and change and support women’s leadership for the future.”

The new Comic Relief grants strategy was developed in response to an ever-changing environment to help the organisation best achieve its vision of ‘A Just World Free From Poverty’ – where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered.

The new grant programme will be delivered as part of a £4 million fund, created with £3 million from HM Treasury and £1 million pledged by Comic Relief as part of Sport Relief 2016.

Information on Comic Relief’s grants strategy and grants programme can be found on the Comic Relief website

Source: Comic Relief, 19/07/2016