Smoking Prevalence in Secondary Schools

Lincs2Wellbeing are able to investigate the effectiveness of differing approaches to reduce the prevalence of regular smoking in schools.

  • Key measures of success
  • Reduction in smoking prevalence among pupils (in schools by year group and across all year groups) The proportion of regular pupil smokers in each school who successfully stop smoking because of the support offered

Smoking prevalence will be identified via survey methods both before and after the interventions.

It is anticipated that this project will lead to the development of an evidence base that will in turn lead to the development of a systematic approach to reducing smoking prevalence in all North Lincolnshire secondary schools.


Lincs2Wellbeing provide a confidential drop in service for students. It provides advice and support on relationships, general health issues and making positive life choices. A C card registration and condom distribution service will be provided as appropriate to individual students following an assessment.

The service is confidential between the Street Talk staff and the young person. Information will only be shared with the agreement of the young person unless there is a specific cause for concern. Young people will be encouraged to discuss problems with parents or the school if appropriate. We work in partnership with the school PSO’s and Nurses as appropriate.

Street Outreach Project

Street-based sex workers are the most at risk sex workers, but are also vulnerable members of society for reasons other than their involvement in sex work. This partnership will provide help and support to Street sex workers in North Lincolnshire specifically the project aims to engage with Street Sex Workers, deliver effective and robust psychosocial support and harm reduction interventions that include contraception, needle exchange, blood-borne virus screening and testing.

The project further aims to assertively link clients into wider health care via supported referrals and coordinate intelligence. The project will share this intelligence appropriately and safely with key partners. These interventions aim to Targeting known ‘Kerb-Crawlers’ reduce victims of rape and child sex exploitation. The project will work closely with North Lincs CCTV to locate hot spots, maintain safety and obtain intelligence.

Specifically the project aims to deliver the following:

Sustain ongoing relationships with people involved in sex work to ensure they have access to services
Deliver a wide range of frontline harm reduction, information, health and other initiatives/services, e.g. addressing violence against sex workers, raising awareness about legal rights
Facilitate improvement in health and reduce the risks associated with sex work, and to work with sex workers to achieve this
Advertise and promote wider services
Provide a referral and support gateway to other services
Identify cases of sexual exploitation of young people, and other forms of exploitation, provide appropriate support and make appropriate referrals and interventions
If you would like further information please contact:

Ann-Marie Massey

Telephone: 01724 845155  /  Email: