If you are seeking funding for any project to help develop and grow your organisation, please do book in to our Funding Surgery which will take place here at our offices in Scunthorpe.

About Gary

Gary with Nic Dakin MP & Dorothy Fagge, following his support for successful funding for the Saxby All Saints project

Gary has been the Funding and Development Specialist here at VANL in North Lincolnshire for over 10 years. He has assisted hundreds of groups with applications for funding ranging from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Funding can be for anything from new equipment to building repairs, from organisational development to supporting volunteers. Gary has excellent skills in achieving funding success and helping groups to access the right funds, using the right terms, for the projects and doing the jargon-busting that often puts groups off from applying for any funding.


This is the first of our new style of funding development support for our members so we are offering a discounted rate of £20 per hour for all our member organisations. The sessions will focus on identifying funding to support volunteers/volunteering. If you are not a member you are still welcome to attend for a pre-paid fee of £25.

To book your appointment please contact Francesca or Liz at the VANL office on 01724 845155 or email enquiries@vanl.org.uk