Making a Difference to Families in North Lincolnshire

Family Foundations is a new service designed to support parents who are in, or committed to recovery from drugs and or alcohol addictions.

The service isn’t about telling parents what to do, instead helping parents to decide on their life goals in many areas of their life, including:

  • Gaining new skills through coaching, learning or volunteering,
  • Meeting new people,
  • Trying new activities,
  • Support with Parenting and overcoming parenting problems,
  • Support to solve problems e.g. managing debt, helping with budgets,
  • Supporting access to other services,
  • And of course supporting recovery, not just from addictions but also situations like depression and loneliness.

Support is provided by carefully matched, trained and DBS checked volunteers who will not judge. They will listen and empower family members to make the changes that they want to make. To meet our Team, click here.

The aim is the Family Foundations relationship will feel like a friendship for the family members and the volunteer alike.

Our service does not replace other services, like treatment services or children’s services. It is the family’s choice as to whether they accept our support and on what terms. A support Coordinator will regularly check that families are receiving the support they want and by the right volunteer

If you are or know of:

  1. A parent who has an alcohol or drug misuse issue which you or they are seeking help with
  2. A parent with children from 0 to 18, or who are expecting you/their first child. Children can be living with at home or the parents are working towards their return home.

Who Can Refer?

For more information about Referrals, please see our How to Refer page