The effect of Brexit on charities


VANL has received a letter from Neil Cleeveley, Chief Executive of NAVCA, asking for information about the initial effects of the vote to leave the EU.

Last week’s referendum has created shock waves throughout the country. I know that many of us were dismayed by the nature of the campaign and the outcome.

Uncertainty has become the word of the moment. Whilst a lot of attention is on the economic uncertainty, there is just as much uncertainty within our communities. The referendum appears to have opened up divisions within and between communities.

Charities have a key role in bridging these divisions and making our country more at ease with itself. NCVO has produced a useful presentation on the issues Brexit creates and has called a national charity summit that I will be attending on Monday 11 July.

I am determined that the response should be about how this is affecting people and communities and not about charities’ income. Much more important is the impact that austerity has already had on people’s lives and the further risks that exit from the EU poses to the resources available to our most disadvantaged communities. Any information you can give me about what this result means in your area will really assist me. I would like to know about things – good and bad – that have come about after the vote for Brexit. I would also welcome any information about steps you are taking in the aftermath of the referendum.

We are told that this result highlights that many people in society feel left behind. This is not a surprise to us but we need to make sure that it is not thought that only people voting leave feel left behind. I would really value your thoughts on why people may feel this disconnect and will also use this information at the summit.

I appreciate any information you can send [please email VANL and we will forward all the responses from our area] and will feed back after the summit.

Our priority must be to do the best for all our communities.