CHOICES Clinics  

Lincs2Wellbeing provide a confidential drop in service for students working within schools. It provides advice and support on relationships, general health issues and making positive life choices. A C card registration and condom distribution service will be provided as appropriate to individual students following an assessment.

The service is confidential between the CHOICES staff member and the young person. Information will only be shared with the agreement of the young person unless there is a specific cause for concern. Young people will be encouraged to discuss problems with parents or the school if appropriate. We work in partnership with the school PSO’s and Nurses as appropriate.

Currently we are working with 6 schools, and in the 2017/2018 financial year, delivered the following services:

  • 623 males seen and 547 females seen
  • 5935 condoms distributed
  • 83 Chlamydia Kits distributed
  • 11 referrals for long-term contraception

We are very pleased to be working with The Axholme Academy, John Leggott College, Huntcliff Academy, Fredrick Gough School, Outwood Academy Brumby and Outwood Academy Foxhills, in supporting their students to make the right choices in relationships and other behaviours which might affect their health and wellbeing into the future. The Schools Choices started in 2012 in response to high incidents of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

These Clinics grew from our highly successful Street Talk Outreach project with those young people who did not or could not access other provision to help them to make the right choices about their relationships and sexual health and other behaviours; including substance misuse and anti-social behaviour. We are proud that our work has contributed to the acknowledged significant decrease in teenage pregnancies in North Lincolnshire.

We would also like to thank all of the school staff, Virgin Healthcare and the School nurses for working so proactively with us to help make the support as seamless and effective as possible for young people who are experiencing life difficulties.

If you would like to contact VANL to see if this is a service that we could offer your secondary school please contact:

Ann-Marie Massey

Telephone: 01724 845155