Changes to company law

A number of changes have been made recently to company law. If your organisation is a registered company you must comply with these changes.

These include:

  • From 6 April all companies, including charitable companies and community interest companies, must have a register of people with significant control
  • Since 1 October 2015 directors can be disqualified for certain convictions abroad, and persons can be disqualified for instructing unfit directors.
  • Since 10 October 2015 the statutory time it takes for Companies House to strike a defunct company off the register has been reduced by one month.
  • From October 2016 (not yet definite – it was supposed to be October 2015, postponed to April 2016, now postponed to October 2016), there will be a prohibition on corporate directors (i.e. directors who are companies or other entities, rather than human beings), apart from some limited exceptions.

Companies are obliged to follow company law and action may be taken against any which fail to comply.

More information may be found on via Companies House, or VANL may be able to recommend other sources of help such as Sandy Adirondack’s website of legal updates for voluntary organisations.