STP Transforming Health Event 20/07/2017

Powerpoints from the event:

Active HumberAH VCSSTP Presentation

HCV STPHCV STP VCS Presentation – July 2017

RDaSHJulie Neopolitano RDASH STP Event

NLCCG – Sara Brine Head of Primary and Accountable Care

VANLStrong and sustainable communities

What Does Good Collaboration Look Like.pptx power point

Summary documents of consultation activities:

Transforming health in North Lincolnshire Consultation Comments

VANL AGM & Birthday Celebrations 2017

Powerpoints from the event

Karl Wilding, NCVO 171018 The VS external environment

Carole Phillips, VANL VANL and the voluntary sector 1997 to 2017

Chris Mumby, VANL VANL 20th Anniversary PRESENTATION

Susan Oliver, HWRCC Working in Partnership