Institutional discrimination is a result of the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to service users, and work environment to employees and volunteers, through direct and indirect discrimination seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour and which amount to prejudice, thoughtlessness, ignorance and stereotyping which disadvantages certain groups and individuals.

                                               Adapted from the Stephen Lawrence Task Group


Policy Statement

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire recognises that certain groups and individuals may experience disadvantage, either created or exacerbated by, the structures, policies and practices of some organisations that may result in less favourable treatment including exclusion, harassment, and lack of opportunity, discrimination and victimisation.  We aim to enable and promote equality within our organisation and through the services we provide to the wider community.  We will endeavour to actively oppose and challenge discrimination against people on the grounds of nationality, ethnicity, colour, religious or political belief, socio-economic status, disability, health status, age, sexual orientation or identity, gender, marital status, domestic responsibility or unrelated criminal convictions.

It is our intention that no individual or group will receive less favourable consideration or treatment (direct or indirect) in the recruitment, appointment, employment and training practices of staff and volunteers, service access, service provision, committee structure, committee membership and attendance of committee and sub-committee meetings.

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire therefore requires all employees, volunteers, trustees, committee members and other parties representing the organisation to adhere to the principles and practices contained within its Equality Framework in regard to both service delivery and employment and volunteering practices. Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire aims to support the understanding and implementation of its Equality Policy within its organisation at all levels, and aims to:

  • address barriers to participation, inclusion and opportunity within the organisation as a whole, including the services it offers and supports, and take reasonable, appropriate positive action to oppose direct and indirect discrimination;
  • promote and implement good practice in regard to the organisation’s employment and volunteering procedures;
  • implement a system that will enable effective monitoring, reviewing and, where necessary, updating of organisational practices to ensure existing procedures are not discriminatory;
  • adopt effective methods to ensure understanding, implementation and compliance of this Equality Policy within the framework of current legislation and best practice.

In order to satisfy the aims of the Equality Statement, all procedures, including the provision of services undertaken by Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire and its representatives, will be subject to the requirements of the Equality Framework contained within this document. We are committed to ensuring all persons involved with our organisation are able to access services and opportunities and to this end, Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire aims to remain flexible and responsive to individual and expressed needs. All allegations of discrimination will be investigated, and any investigation will be implemented in such a way that any person having raised concerns over an equality issue will have the opportunity to express their concerns with the full assurance that they will not be victimised for having provided such information. It is the responsibility of all parties representing Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire to contribute to, and comply with, the aims of the Equality Policy. The overall responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of the Policy lies with the Executive Committee (Board of Trustees).   It is the Committee’s duty to oversee the adoption of an effective system of monitoring and reviewing its practices in regard to ensuring equality within the framework of this policy. However, Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire expects all its staff and volunteers to promote and endorse its commitment to equality and to have personal responsibility for the practical application of this Policy.

The Equality Policy should be observed at all times and in all circumstances.  Any breach of this Policy may be regarded as gross misconduct.