I should start by saying that last week was our AGM, which meant that a lot of things had to be shelved while we prepared and organised. The event seemed to go very well, and it was certainly a relief when it was all over.

Then the backlog reared its head! Several brand new projects have been waiting impatiently for help writing constitutions or memorandum & articles (i.e. a constitution for a company). Others need help finding suitable funding for their project and yet more want publicity for what they are working on. All of these come under my job description, but there is also all the monitoring that has to be done, attending events to represent both VANL and the voluntary sector locally, and I have a cold 🙁

Bids for new work are being written as I write, and I’m needed to help with information for those too, so the projects are being put back again, although at least now I have time to write some emails to keep them ticking over. And I have the website to update and redraft. (I’m not trained for that, so it takes longer!)

We WILL get back to something approaching normal eventually, but it is taking longer because there are fewer of us, trying to do more work than ever.

So please, if you need community development help, do by all means call VANL. We will help of course – it just might take a bit longer, so bear with us.