2000 – Millennium Year!

The year of the Bug dawned for VANL with a year of changes. In the world generally there was a mixture of fear and hope – Yeltsin had resigned in the Soviet Union on the eve of the new Millennium and parties around the world were held by friends, neighbours and communities alike and the year started with fireworks all around the world.

Richard Branson was knighted for services to business, and GPS access was de-restricted from American Military usage only by President Bill Clinton. Most individuals in the UK had access to the internet and mass demonstrations in the former Yugoslavia resulted in the resignation of Slobodam Milosevic.

Locally here at VANL it was our busiest year to date:

  • Apna Sahara was continuing to provide services to improve access to statutory services for those from the BaME community
  • 2 volunteering fairs were held
  • The community minibus was going strong and more drivers were trained
  • VANL facilitated the Joint Working Forum
  • Isle Connexions started including a Lunch Club and Door & Window Lock Scheme
  • Barton Connexions hosted the New Deal and organised community outings
  • Crosby 21 hosted the Memories of Steel event, created a Directory & hosted Play Days