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Chairperson Role Description

The Chair is the public face of the elected committee, representing the Pre-school where necessary at public events and sometimes at meetings of other organisations. In rare cases, some emergency will occur between committee meetings, which require an immediate response. In this case, the responsibility rest on the Chair who should consult as many Committee Members as possible, by personal contact, telephone or email before making an interim decision. This will be reported on in the next committee meeting.

The Chair takes charge off all committee meetings. This does not mean that the committee is there to do what the chair wants. It means the chair has the difficult task of:

  • Seeing to it that the meetings are effective
  • Making sure that decisions are taken and implemented in a way that reflect the needs and wishes of the pre-school members and makes best use of skills and talents available.
  • Being the general coordinator, delegating where necessary.
  • Ensuring that communication between all members is open


The Chair Staff responsibilities

  • Is the line manager of the manager and administrator
  • Keeps personnel files for each member of staff
  • Interviews prospective new staff, together with the Pre-School Manager and one other committee member
  • Is readily available to Staff members
  • Annual Pay award for the staff of the Pre-School, with input from the Treasurer and
  • Administrator. This does not mean automatic pay increases, this is based on the preschools financial position.
  • Annual performance reviews for the Pre-School Manager and Administrator.

The Chair Committee Responsibilities

  • Organises the meetings with the secretary
  • Is readily available to committee members
  • Supports and authorizes the work of the treasurer
  • Checks accounting records at regular intervals

Other Responsibilities:

  • Negotiation on behalf of the pre-school for Rent increases
  • Signature for the bank account
  • The Chair keeps completely confidential any information regarding the children, families, Committee or Staff member which is learnt as part of the job.

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