Financial Services


We have a two-tier pricing structure for all VANL’s financial services:


Payroll Service

Member Group Non-Member Group
Initial set- up charges £10 per group £20 per group
Processing charges  

£5.00 per employee per payroll run

£6.20 per employee with auto enrolment requirement

£5.25 per employee with auto enrolment requirement (20+ employees)

£9.75 per employee per payroll run

£11.00 per employee per payroll run with auto enrolment needs

Submission of year-end returns to HMRC and P60s to employees £5.00 per employee £9.75 per employee


So for a member group with three employees who are paid monthly the annual cost would be:

  • Initial set-up – £10.00
  • 12 Payroll Runs – £180.00
  • Year-end processing – £15.00
  • Total cost in year of setup – £205.00
  • Total cost in subsequent years – £195.00


Community Accountancy:


Community Accountancy work is available to members only.

  • Booking services – £27.50 per hour
  • Year end accounts preparation – £30.00 per hour
  • Independent examination of accounts – £30.00 per hour
  • Bespoke financial training – £30.00 per hour

A group with income over £25,000 per year, with no restricted funds, and with accounts written up to the draft accounts stage usually only takes up to five hours to complete an Independent Examination. A group with incomplete records, that has not reconciled their cash book to the bank and that needs our help to prepare accounts may take longer to prepare their accounts and to do an independent examination if required.

Time spent (and therefore costs) increase when:

  • There are a number of restricted funds/grants
  • Income levels increase
  • The bank is not reconciled
  • The cashbook is not fully written up
  • Records have been poorly maintained or are incomplete
  • We need to prepare as well as check the annual accounts.
  • If we do not receive all the books and records required.