CLLD – Community Local Led Development

** At the present time (June 2017) we are still awaiting updates on this initiative from the Lead Body **


Historically European funding has been inaccessible at a grassroots community level and yet it is well recognised that the strengthening of communities, including reaching the most disadvantaged people, has to happen at this level to achieve sustainable economic development.

Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is a European funding programme which aims to address this weakness in previous programmes; resulting in the mobilisation and involvement of local communities and organisations to contribute to achieving the Europe 2020 Strategy goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


CLLD must be community led by Local Action Groups, and implemented through integrated area based Local Development Strategies. The preparation of the strategy must actively involve the local community.

CLLD must not be imposed from the top down. It is not simply a process of converting existing strategies into a Local Development Strategy or drawing together a group of existing local activists to form a Local Action Group. It is essential to involve a cross-section of the targeted local community in the development and management of the strategy and in finding solutions to local issues. The Local Action Group should represent the entire community and the area.

So what does this mean for North Lincolnshire?

Parts of Scunthorpe have been designated as a CLLD area and this includes the following areas:

  • Westcliff
  • Riddings
  • Crosby
  • Parts of Brumby and Ashby

This means that a significant pot of European has been put aside to catalyse local action which improves the skills of the existing and potential adult workforce and the growth or development of business activity, contributing to strengthening the economic viability of the designated areas.

This will be managed by the Local Action Group (LAG) to deliver the local development Strategy, itself defined and developed by local people and organisations.

So what are we doing?

VANL are currently carrying out the community engagement work which will inform the Local Development Strategy. We are also identifying and engaging people who have an interest in getting involved in the programme as part of the LAG, or by creating projects that will deliver the Local Development Strategy so if you want to be involved in this exciting project, or you have ideas about projects that will make the changes we need for these areas contact:

Trudy Norris – by telephoning VANL or email, or

Carol Thornton –