Smoking Prevalence amongst Young People


Lincs2Wellbeing are able to investigate the effectiveness of differing approaches to reduce the prevalence of regular smoking in schools and groups of young people.

Key measures of success

  • Reduction in smoking prevalence among pupils (in schools by year group and across all year groups) or young people in other groups
  • The proportion of regular pupil smokers in each school/group who successfully stop smoking because of the support offered

Smoking prevalence will be identified via survey methods both before and after the interventions.

It is anticipated that this project will lead to the development of an evidence base that will in turn lead to the development of a systematic approach to reducing smoking prevalence in all North Lincolnshire secondary schools and other youth organisations.

If you would like to contact VANL to see if this is a service that we could offer your secondary school or youth organisation please contact:

Ann-Marie Loader
Telephone: 01724 845155