The Sanctuary Breaks scheme is a project of the Greater Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary. The scheme offers day-long, weekend or week-long breaks in Greater Lincolnshire for asylum seekers/refugees from dispersal cities/towns (such as Leeds, Leicester, Doncaster). Asylum seekers/refugees are placed with host families and enjoy practising English, learning about English culture, trips to the seaside and into the countryside, and engaging with a welcoming, local community through shared activities.

Our regular activities include:

* recruiting, vetting, and training hosts/volunteers for the Sanctuary Breaks scheme

* publicising our work and recruiting new volunteers

* working with referral charities to place appropriate asylum seekers and refugees with host families

* speaking to local schools and organisation about asylum and the Scheme

* organising befriending between local young people and 16-18-year old asylum seekers/refugees through day-long activities in the Greater Lincolnshire area

Our activities support social cohesion and some of our guests are refused asylum seekers, which means they face poverty and homelessness. Our scheme allows respite from these difficult conditions.

To find out more please contact Heather Luna, Sanctuary Breaks Coordinator Heather on Heather @ GLAoS <>